Living Literature 2017

 Just Mercy

May 18 at 7pm
Jamestown Philomenian Library
26 North Rd., Jamestown, RI

This event is free and open to the public.

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RI Center for the Book

Celebrate 15 Years of Reading Across RI

Have brunch with Ann Hood on Sunday, May 21st

logoThanks for coming out to see us. We enjoyed performing this year’s shows for you. We appreciate your support in more ways than one!

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Celebrating our 21st Season

bringing literature to life 
throughout Southeastern New England

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3 responses to “Living Literature 2017

  1. M. Bulmer

    This is Maggie, one of Living Literature’s self professed “groupies”. I’ve enjoyed every presentation I’ve seen….some of them so enjoyable I’ve seen them twice. How in the WORLD will you present “Just Mercy”? I tried to read the book last year and could not finish it. The situations were so intolerable, so demeaning, so unremittingly cruel I closed the book. I am now attempting to read it again. I’m further into the book than I was last year. I limit myself to a half hour of reading at a time so as not to overwhelm myself and scream in the streets. How do Mr. Stevenson and Morris Dees and their colleagues maintain their decorum before judges that blatantly refuse to administer justice in a fair, honest and legal way?

    I will attend the panel discussion of the book being presented at Providence Public Library on Sun, Jan 29 and I will watch for Living Literature’s presentation schedule.

    Best wishes

    Maggie Bulmer

    • Thanks for your enthusiasm about our group’s work. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed our presentations. Each project we do, especially a book like Just Mercy, presents its challenges, most of which is how do we represent the heart of a book of 300 or 400 pages in one of our programs in less than an hour. Our actors and artistic director work to find that heart. Thanks so much and we look forward to seeing you at one or our programs! If we don’t already know you, introduce yourself! -Ivy, web tech-

      • I should mention that Living Literature will not be presenting at the RARI Kickoff as we thought. It has been advertised on the Facebook site and I wanted to be sure you weren’t expecting to see us there. Of course, there are plenty of other reasons to go to the kickoff at the Providence Public Library! So I hope you’ll enjoy the event. -Ivy-

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