Common Ground

What Unites Us? What Divides Us?

An investigation of our nation’s founding principles

in partnership with the Rhode Island Council for the Humanities (RICH) for Arts & Humanities Month 2005

This is a 40 minute program in our unique readers-theatre style that explores issues that “keep the complex world alive”, issues like class, race, sexuality and language. These issues can either unite or divide us as human beings.


Ralph Waldo Emerson
Sandra Cisneros
Kate Rushin
Michael Elliot
W.H. Auden
Tim O’Brien
Dick Lourie
Paul Fleischman
Langston Hughes
Lisa Schiffman
Robert Fulghum
Annie Lamott
May Sarton
Shel Silverstein
from his essay, The Over-Soul
from The House On Mango Street
Comparative History: Our Stories
Hopelessly Devoted
Apothegm A
from The Things They Carried
Forgiving Our Fathers
Book Lice
Theme for English B
Kikes and Queers, from Generation J
from All I Really Need To Know…Kindergarten
Gypsies, from Traveling Mercies: Some Thoughts On Faith
from Journal of Solitude
The Little Boy and the Old Man